Good Stove: Cook Stove Project

Good Stove Project is equipping families in Guatemala with “Good Stove”, a safe, low-cost, and effective stove for families in need.

Who We Are

Good Neighbors Guatemala is a humanitarian development NGO founded in Guatemala in 2008. We have started CDPs (Community Development Projects) from the establishment to support Guatemalan people who are suffering from poverty and disasters. Our projects are focusing on right-based approach and community empowerment to achieve sustainable development.


90% of Guatemalans use primitive cookstoves made from rocks and mud that burn all day. The smoke they inhale leads to several health risks including emphysema, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer--and claims 4 million lives each year, according to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Children Walking Miles to Gather Firewood

To keep fire burning, children collect up to 20 lbs. of woods each day instead of going to school.

Old Cookstove Causing Massive Emission of Smoke Containing Harmful Gases

Women are constantly exposed to toxic gases from indoor fires and old cookstoves as they cook and clean their homes, which dramatically increases the risk of illness.


Igniting Healthy Change for Mother and Children in Guatemala

Good Stove ignites change to protect women and children exposed to the hazardous cooking environment, we plan to upgrade the old cookstoves. In collaboration with many researchers, Good Neighbors developed the next generation cookstove with higher heat efficiency and portability. In 2014, Good Neighbors launched a social enterprise called Buenos Vecinos Empresa Social. This social enterprise has been focusing on job creation and income generation to enhance community capacity and seek environmental protection and health improvement.

Each new cookstove uses locally-sourced materials, requires less firewood to be burned throughout the day, and incorporates a chimney that pulls the smoke outside of the home, making the air safe to breathe.

Bringing Good Change to Guatemala Homes

The Good Stove Project is having a positive impact on the three areas of environment, health, and economy of the lives of Guatemalan residents. It will never stop evolving with the continuous efforts of Good Neighbors and community members. We look forward to the good change and innovation that the Good Stove Project will bring in the future.

Are you interested?

Please consider supporting us today - every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference for mothers and children in Guatemala.