Handcraft Project: Mother's knot for a dreaming daughter

A 100% handcraft bracelet made with a pretty thread is born through the hands of Guatemalan mothers. Would you like to get to know our handicraft project for mothers who work proudly and want to give their next generation a better educational opportunities and a happy future?

Who We Are

Good Neighbors Guatemala is a humanitarian development NGO founded in Guatemala in 2008. We have started CDPs (Community Development Projects) from the establishment to support Guatemalan people who are suffering from poverty and disasters. Our projects are focusing on right-based approach and community empowerment to achieve sustainable development.

Manuela's wish

Manuela lives with her husband and three daughters. Her family lives in Nuevo Mexico, Escuintla, Guatemala where monthly income per household is less than USD 100. In Guatemala, traditionally, men are responsible for all household income, most of them working as peasants or daily workers. As a result, women are less aware of opportunities and rights to receive education, and the social atmosphere of women's occupational activities is not favorable.

Manuela, who has received elementary education, wanted to open another future for her daughter. She thought, if she can work, she will make money so that her daughter can continue studying with that income.

Guatemalan Women's Movement

Good Neighbors Guatemala is working on a handcraft bracelet project to help local women, like Manuela, create income, and help them design their own future with self-esteem. Local residents are working as union members, having a sense of ownership, bringing sound changes in the community, and communicating together. Bracelets also have a mothers' heart to get a better future.

From 2014 to 2016, mothers participated in the sewing class, which was organized by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as a refugee settlement support project. They created a group and learnt how to make bracelets. A group of mothers currently serving as members of the union are provided with workspace and raw materials. They made 1,000 bracelets, helping their children with school expenses as sales proceeds, and bought livestock such as pigs and chickens. In addition, they held meetings for the development of new items, and mothers are willing to actively cooperate with them. The bracelets that mothers make are the fruits of handicraft technology, culture in Guatemala and hope and love for the next generation.

I'm making six bracelets every day. Each bracelet is really special to me. I hope our village is known for my bracelet, and that women with handicraft skills in the village can work.
Ms. Elena

Guatemalan mothers who make bracelets for 8 hours a day, thinking of their families, are happy. It is because of the opportunity to make bracelets to contribute to her daughter's studies and to change women's perception as a dignified being.

Are you interested?

We would like to ask for your attention so that their bracelet become a new hope for the community beyond their family.